Emotion-Focused Therapy

Why Emotion-Focused Therapy?

The emotional system has evolved to help us survive - when this system is functioning effectively, our emotions alert us to important information in our environment, helping us to respond in adaptive ways that are aligned with our needs, values and goals.  For example, feelings of anger can help us to assert boundaries, and feelings of sadness can help us connect with the need for self-care.


Our attitudes to emotions and emotional coping styles are shaped by cultural and societal factors, as well as our unique formative experiences.  Many people struggle with their emotions - we can feel overwhelmed by emotional experiences, get stuck in emotional states such as chronic anxiety, anger or shame, or feel disconnected and shut off from our emotional lives.


Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) is a powerful evidence-based approach that helps people identify, understand, express, manage and transform their emotions.  EFT can help you to develop greater awareness of your emotional experience as well as the skills to regulate and cope with difficult or intense emotions.  This approach can shift longstanding maladaptive/unhelpful emotional patterns, enhance your relationship with yourself and others, and facilitate effective and long-term change.

​Anna has achieved full accreditation as an EFT practitioner via the Australian Institute for Emotion Focused Therapy (AIEFT).  For more information about EFT, please see the AIEFT website.

Emotion-focused therapy can treat:
  • stress and anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma​

  • life transitions

  • difficulties connecting with self and others

  • food and body image concerns

  • and more!​

Emotion-Focused Therapy Resources


Email: anna@annahenry.com.au  

Phone: 0455 023 383  

Location: Clifton Hill & online therapy.

Unfortunately I'm currently not accepting new clients or offering a waitlist, as my caseload is full.  For food and body image concerns, please contact The Butterfly Foundation or Eating Disorders Victoria for information, support and referral options.  For general mental health concerns, your GP can offer referrals.


If you are in crisis you are recommended to contact your GP, psychiatrist, Psychiatric Triage (phone number by suburb can be found using the search function at the top of this link), hospital ER, or a crisis line.  See below for a list of resources.  If there is an imminent risk to personal safety please call Emergency Services (000).

  • Lifeline - 13 11 14 - Crisis support and suicide prevention

  • Suicide Callback Service - 1300 659 467 - Free counselling, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • Eating Disorders Victoria Helpline - 1300 550 236 - Support, information and referrals​

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