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Online Therapy

The 2020 transition to online therapy was challenging (for everyone!), but many therapists, myself included, were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of Telehealth, and the strong therapeutic bond that could be formed online.

With that in mind, I've made the decision to transition all services to Telehealth, until further notice.

I'm available, via phone and email, to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about online therapy.


Online Counselling Information
  • Counselling is very personal work. I recommend taking some time to prepare yourself and your space accordingly.

  • It's important to be seated comfortably in a space that is private, quiet, and distraction free (don't forget the water and tissues!). 

  • You'll need:

    • a computer with a camera, good internet access, good speaker and microphone quality, or earbuds/headset with a microphone.

    • OR a phone/tablet with the Zoom app downloaded, and the ability to direct the camera (hands-free) squarely on yourself while seated.

  • At the end of our session, your payment will be processed securely via card.

Is Online Counselling Suitable For Everyone?​
  • Research has demonstrated the efficacy of online therapy, however it's not suitable for everyone. For example, online therapy is not suitable for people with severe and enduring mental health difficulties or those who are actively suicidal.
  • I conduct a thorough intake and assessment process, and will advise prospective clients if I believe that online therapy will not provide optimal care. 
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