Service Information

Welcome to my practice.  I am looking forward to working with you.  When starting with a new client, I like to share how my service operates.  If you have any concerns with the information I have included here, please feel free to discuss it with me at any stage.


Contacting me

I can be contacted via phone, 0455 023 383, email Though I may not be immediately available, I will make every effort to return your call or email promptly during office hours, Tuesday to Thursday, with the exception of public holidays and personal leave.  

Please note that contact between sessions will be limited to administrative and practical matters.


Crisis and emergency/after hours support

I do not work with crisis presentations and am not able to provide emergency or after hours support. 

​If you are in crisis you are recommended to contact your GP or psychiatrist.  In between, utilise crisis and other support services (see below).  If the situation is urgent, please call psychiatric triage (search for your suburb or present to your closest hospital ER.  If there is an immanent threat to personal safety, call 000. 

  • Lifeline
    13 11 14
    - Crisis support and suicide prevention

  • Suicide Line
    1300 651 251
    - Free professional, anonymous support 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • Suicide Callback Service
    1300 659 467
    - Free counselling, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • Eating Disorders Victoria Helpline
    1300 550 236
    - Support and information about eating disorders


Online therapy

In order to assist clients to remain well, and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, all therapy services have been transitioned to online until further notice.  

Online therapy will be provided via Zoom.  You will receive an email prior to your appointment that contains a link to access the session.  Simply click the link at the time of your appointment and follow the prompts.  If I am unable to connect with you at your session time I will call you. 

You will need to be in a private, quiet, distraction-free environment.  Good internet access is required, with a laptop/tablet/phone camera able to be directed squarely on yourself (hands-free).  For further information, please see the Online Therapy page.


Fee Agreement

Fees are $130/$100 concession (Health Care Card holders) for a 50-minute session.  Unfortunately, no rebates are available for counselling services provided by accredited counsellors and psychotherapists, such as myself.  I keep my fees as low as possible for this reason.  Fees may increase periodically, with advanced notice. 

​Payment is required at the end of each session, by cash, card, or direct deposit.


Service limitations

I will provide the best therapy I am able to offer you.  If I believe I am unable to provide optimal care I will advise you of your options, and, where appropriate, facilitate referral to another health professional.


Schedule of visits

I usually schedule one appointment each week at a time we agree on, although sessions may be arranged more or less frequently at your request. 

For therapy to be effective regular attendance, for the full 50-minute session, is necessary.  It is important that you arrive in readiness to start your appointment on time.  Late arrival will necessitate a shorter session, and sessions may not proceed if clients are 15 or more minutes late. 
Cancelling or failing to attend three scheduled appointments may necessitate ending therapy.


Cancellation policy 

I understand that people sometimes need to change and cancel appointments.  Because my session times are limited, I need at least 48 hours (two business days) notice for cancellations or changes to your appointment time to enable another client to be offered your space.  You will be charged the full session fee if you fail to attend your appointment, or provide less than 48 hours (two business days) notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. 

​I am able to waive this fee only once per calendar year in the case of illness.  I greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter. 


Working with other health professionals

During the course of your treatment, it may be beneficial to discuss your case with other health professionals involved in your care.  I will only share information about your care if you have given me consent to do so.
To ensure you receive the best possible care I may also discuss your case with my professional supervisor, who will be bound by the limits of confidentiality outlined below.



Counselling is confidential. Both the verbal information and written records about a client cannot be shared with another party without the written consent of the client, with noted exceptions as follows:


  1. I am legally obliged to break confidentiality after being presented with a court subpoena for your records, or if disclosure is otherwise required by law. 

  2. I am also required to break confidentiality if I believe that you are at risk of harm, if you disclose intentions to harm others, or if I am concerned that a child is at risk.

For online therapy, the privacy of any form of communication via the internet or a mobile device is potentially vulnerable and limited by the security of the technology.


Therapeutic modalities

I work using a person-centred framework incorporating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT).  I am a Health at Every Size (HAES) advocate, offering a non-diet and weight-neutral approach to health and wellbeing.


Conveniently located in Clifton Hill. 
Online therapy also available.



Phone: 0455 023 383  

Location: Clifton Hill & online therapy.

Unfortunately I'm currently not accepting new clients or offering a waitlist, as my caseload is full.  For food and body image concerns, please contact The Butterfly Foundation or Eating Disorders Victoria for information, support and referral options.  For general mental health concerns, your GP can offer referrals.


If you are in crisis you are recommended to contact your GP, psychiatrist, Psychiatric Triage (phone number by suburb can be found using the search function at the top of this link), hospital ER, or a crisis line.  See below for a list of resources.  If there is an imminent risk to personal safety please call Emergency Services (000).

  • Lifeline - 13 11 14 - Crisis support and suicide prevention

  • Suicide Callback Service - 1300 659 467 - Free counselling, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • Eating Disorders Victoria Helpline - 1300 550 236 - Support, information and referrals​

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